Marc Sparks’ advice to upcoming business people and his success as an entrepreneur

When it comes to business, strategizing and learning through experiences is what makes one a great business person. Failures are part of the journey and so is successes. Your education level or grades are not a determinant of your success. Mark Sparks is one of the successful serial entrepreneurs who has proved that even after getting a C+ in high school, success is still achievable. Learn more:

Mark is today the founder and the CEO of Timber Creek Capital, LP a company that offers assistance to start-ups. Timber Creek Capital, LP converts startup companies to successful and reliable companies. Timber Creek does this by providing capital to the new businesses, offering office space, marketing, equipment, legal and customer service exercise among other services. The private equity firm has over 35 years of experience.

Mark has helped several companies grow through mentorship programs. Working with the companies have given Marc a deeper understanding of the challenges that entrepreneurs face today. It has also made him very helpful in tackling the dynamic changes that come as a result of advancement in technology. Marc says that his success has been as a result of his faith, focus, passion tenacity and an outrageous sense of urgency. His employees have even nicknamed is speed as the ‘sparks speed.’

Although the basic process of starting a business starts with coming up with a model and resources, the design of the office layout also matters. According to Marc, the location of your office can either motivate your employees or demotivate them. Thus, when making business decisions, it is crucial to consider the effect of your choice on the productivity of your company.

When making a presentation to potential investors, be sure to keep your presentation simple and very relevant. Do not waste the time of the entrepreneurs present in your presentation. Let every graphic used in your presentation count. Avoid using unnecessary images. The main aim of your presentation is to resent your business idea and show how you will turn the idea into a successful business. It is also helpful when you include your team in your presentation. Including your team will show how passionate your team is and will bring you out as a very professional upcoming business person.

Marc Sparks is not only known for his success in business, but he is also a philanthropist who gives to different groups of people who are disadvantaged. Since the 1980s, Marc has been a contributor to the Samaritan Inn which is a homeless shelter based in Texas that provides accommodation to homeless people. Sparks supports education through his non-profit organization Sparkey’s Kids. Marc is also an author. In his book ‘They Can’t Eat You,’ he gives his experiences as a businessman and his journey to success.


October 10, 2017

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