Learning How to do Business Within the Family

The family business is not a smooth road for all families. Most families choose different methods of generating income apart from the family business. The Jackson family is different. The family has taken a route of teaching its children the family business. The parents took the time to teach their children about the family business. They were assimilated in the winery business. Julia Jackson worked at the wine business while on holiday. This enabled the children to learn about the business. Julia Jackson developed the passion for the business. She was motivated by her early exposure to business.


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Julia Jackson developed a friendship with a French farmer’s daughter. This friendship enabled her to learn about the culture. This gave her the expertise of developing her career and passion in the wine industry. Her interaction with the French people made her understand their language and how to develop the best wine in the industry. Her fluency in the language made her a teacher of the French language while in College. This enabled her to understand the French culture better. The exposure gave her skill for the wineries company.

Julia Jackson thrived in marketing the Jackson family wine collection. This improved the company’s brand in the market. The company has grown as a result of the quality of the products. Julia Jackson influenced how the people made their product. Julia Jackson educated the production team on how the French people refined their products. This improved the quality of the products of the company. Julia Jackson has secured a platform where she has sold the wine. This has introduced a new wine in the industry, and people have embraced the wine in the industry. This shows that the family is an entity that people can use to develop a business. Entrepreneurs should embrace the family and use it as a resource for their businesses.

July 30, 2017

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