How Mike Baur Is Changing Lives Through the Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur, an American venture capitalist and successful entrepreneur, is among professionals who have impacted the business world positively. He has invested heavily in supporting ideas presented by young professionals and through the Swiss Startup Factory, many have managed to build their startups while learning vital skills.


The Swiss Startup Factory is an incubation center where Swiss IT startups can access all the resources they need to walk through the development process seamlessly. Steered by Mike Baur with support from experienced professionals, the platform has been developed into one of the most impressive incubation facility across the country.


Since 2014 when the Swiss Startup Factory was founded, Mike Baur has been inviting professionals who are experienced in different areas of business to offer insight into the problems presented by the entrepreneurs. The facility has also partnered with several leading universities across the country to ensure all vital resources the entrepreneurs need are availed.


A network of experts

Joining the Swiss Startup Factory exposes the entrepreneurs to a rich network of professionals, who offer the much needed skills to steer the startups forward. They can create useful contacts that can help them later in their endeavors. The pool also allows the young entrepreneurs to learn a lot about entrepreneurship while ensuring they offer them support to further develop their products to become fit for the market.


Branding and PR

Marketing is one of the roles any serious entrepreneur cannot afford to ignore if there is any hope for the attainment of success. Branding is by large part of marketing and it impacts on the perception on ground and how a product is received. The Swiss Startup Factory offers entrepreneurs a platform where they can engage branding experts who also offer them support to build a good PR campaign for their products.


Accounting support

A business cannot run seamlessly in the absence of proper accounting services. This is the reason the Swiss Startup Factory engages accounting support that equips the startups with the necessary skills so they can manage their accounting roles seamlessly.


More about Mike Baur

Born in Fribourg, Mike Baur pursued his passion in banking and was able to enter into the private banking sector in Switzerland. His career as a banker proceeded for almost 20 years before he quit to try entrepreneurship. In 2014, he founded the Swiss Startup Factory, a facility that has been incubating IT startups across the country.

November 28, 2016

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