How Don Ressler Climbed The Online Retail Ladder

The Turn Of The Century
The turn of the century was an important for the internet. The business models and ideas we take for granted today were in their infancy stages on Crunchbase and investors speculated about the potential of the internet. This was when Don Ressler came into the spotlight. Known today for the smashing success of JustFab and Fabletics, Ressler was already a surprising success. He was already capable of generating billions in revenue for the numerous startups he created during this time. Eventually Don Ressler met Adam Goldenberg, a like minded entrepreneur who was also interested in online retail. The DUO would come together in 2005 to give the world a new approach to fashion.

One Size For Everyone
The brainchild Ressler and Goldenberg ended up with was JustFab. Essentially, JustFab was a website centered around giving customers a personalized shopping experience on LinkedIn. Instead customers receive clothing meant specifically for them. The personalized selection options have proven successful in part due to the celebrity power of fellow cofounder Kimora Lee Simmons. Thanks to her, JustFab has generated millions and has one of the largest followings in online retail.

A Perfect Fit For Athletic Wear
Don Ressler understands when he has hit the jackpot and when to keep a winning formula. After seeing the success of JustFab he decided to create a new online retailer, Fabletics, with a fixation on athletic wear. Similar to JustFab customers would sign up and pay a subscription fee, but the clothes offered would match their specific lifestyle as well. If you are particularly active, for instance, you’ll receive clothing that suits your activity at Fabletics has proven so successful it has managed to do something unprecedented among online retails. There are now Fabletics brick and mortar stores where customers can buy athletic clothing in person.

Branching Out Of The Internet
Although online retail is where Ressler has seen his greatest success, he has branched out into other domains. He has a stake in the cosmetics market with the anti-aging cream Hydroderm. Currently, he is looking for ways to expand the brands he has already built into the real world on With the success of the 6 brick and mortar stores Fabletics has already he sees a bright future for an additional 50-100 physical locations for the brand. If things go as planned, Ressler may find his name associated with retail franchise chains over his currently online businesses.

January 6, 2017

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