Godfather of the Left George Soros Saves the Day

While prominent politicians and powerful right-wing interests in America and Europe busy themselves with scapegoating innocent refugees for all of society’s ills, one man has the courage of his convictions to defend truth, justice and basic human rights for these most vulnerable immigrants. That man, of course, is George Soros. Just when progressive and liberal justice groups thought they were doomed, the Hungarian-born American hedge-fund legend has stepped in to save the day – again. Throughout his life, the self-made finance guru has donated more than $12 billion dollars to humanitarian and social-justice causes, and remains the 23rd richest person in the world, according to Forbes. But at the distinguished age of 86, it seems, Soros is not through yet. In September 2016, Soros announced that his Open Society Foundation would invest $500 million in firms founded by migrants and refugees, with a particular focus on the refugee influx that has arrived in Europe in the last several years. As Forbes notes in its article, Soros has long been “a vocal supporter of refugees.” At a time when xenophobia, racism and right-wing nationalism are on a terrifying rise, Soros’s generous support of migrants and refugees offers a much-needed ray of hope to progressive advocates and civil-rights groups.

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George Soros’s unrivaled record of philanthropic giving and socially just investment is not limited to the sphere of migrants and refugees. Most notably, through his indispensable Open Society Foundations, George Soros funnels donations to a tremendous range of important causes, ranging from environmental sustainability, to the rights of LGBTI people, and combating repression and tyranny of all stripes around the world. According to the website of the Open Societies Foundations, Soros’s decades-long work to champion democracy, human rights and government accountability has helped people and communities in more than 100 countries. Learn more about his profile at Forbes.com

Nonetheless, as Forbes points out in its article on Soros’s latest stunning investment in immigrant-owned businesses, thee eminent humanitarian has long had a particular attachment to the cause of refugees. Perhaps this is due to Soros having himself fled Nazi persecution as a child in Hungary. Perhaps it’s just the uncommon decency and altruism that has long defined the life and work of George Soros. Good people of the world can only rejoice that he shows absolutely no signs of slowing down, but rather leads the vanguard of the resistance. George Soros has long been the most effective force for human progress in the world. More than ever, George Soros is democracy’s indispensable friend. Once again, just when civilization appears to be at its darkest hour, this beloved Godfather of the progressive Left is here to bring us back from the brink.

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March 28, 2017

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