Finding EOS: A Natural Lip Care Product

Evolution of Smooth’s Addition to the Market

When you think about lip care, you’re probably thinking about all those vertical tubes of menthol flavored balm. Which one do you choose? Do you go for the tube or the pot? Well, Evolution of Smooth has certainly changed things up a bit. Your options are far less limited and you can now purchase a product that has all the good organic benefits that you need to keep those lips soft and smooth. They have created a new type of lip product that is far more appealing to the eye, but that also is healthier and suitable for anyone.

Putting Them on the Shelves

When Evolution of Smooth first came up with their product, they knew what they were up against. Trusted brands for thirty plus years filled the shelves, but EOS designed their lip balm to stand out from the rest. They are in spherical orbs that come in different flavors and colors. Not only that, but they are $3 each, making them comparable to all the other ones in your local stores.

How Did They Find Success?

Once they were on the shelves, EOS lip balm made it a point to advertise beyond belief. They are currently the most advertised company in the lip care industry, and their success proves that this was a wise choice. When the product first came out, they made sure to have it reviewed by beauty bloggers, making it a huge deal on Facebook and other social media platforms. According to Fast Company, these approaches were well received and they continue to be a buzz worthy item. One million units are sold per week, and they are expected to hit two billion in profit in the coming years. Thanks to limited edition set that pair with holidays or Disney, they are even more desirable. This company has certainly changed the lip care industry for the better.

April 6, 2017

Posted In: Lip Care Industry