Deere on Success in the Make Up Industry

Doe Deere is the founder and create of Lime Crime cosmetics. An innovative, cutting edge company that seeks to prove make up is more than just covering up, it is about self expression. Deere breaks the rules and is more about what feels right for the individual rather than the natural look. In 2008, she launched her own line of cruelty-free cosmetics.


Since then, her cosmetics have become an international sensation with their bold pigments and rich hues. Deere loves to create cosmetics that are so colorful that they break rules of fashion. Deere supports women who own businesses and are entrepreneurs. She is called on to speak at conferences like PHAMExpo.


In 2004, she created an Ebay store called Lime Crime. The original store started as a DIY fashion line. She began to create her own make up because it was hard to come by make up to compliment her unusual looks. Lime Crime, the make up company, officially started in 2008.


Deere takes her female entrepreneur role seriously. Her days starts with a quick meeting with the Creative Director, so they can review projects and develop strategies. She continues her meetings with all the leadership and checks in with each other to see what the current business is. She is an on the go boss, responding to emails through her IPhone.


Ideas do not come as easily to Deere. She waits for her inspiration to come. This inspiration could take months to come. Once it comes, she acts quickly. Her make up is an inspired look that has caused her to have loyal fans. Her loyal fans are called Unicorns, a magical being known for being colorful and inspired.


One trend in business is the move away physical stores to e-commerce, online stores. Her brand started as an online brand. She feels her best trait as a business owner is to know her brand of make up and what her customer wants. She feels that the only change she would make is to have a customer department sooner. Also, she feels having respect for her employees and other business associates.

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January 5, 2017

Posted In: Cosmetics Industry