Passion Was behind Doe Doree’s Invention

Doe Doree advises people, who want to start a business to look keenly into their passions as those may lead them in the right directions for business. Case in point, Doree says that Lime Crime was birthed out of her love and passion for beauty, color, and cosmetics. Moreover, Doree looked forward to giving women power using the right choice of beauty products. Doree posits that although running a personal business may look like a lot of fun, it is equally challenging for the entrepreneurs. To make the challenge easier, Doree asks people to consider these three elements: their passions, finances and business plans. Learn more:


Passion is indicative of purpose, and one should not take it for granted. Doree says that one should research more on the market trends to know if their passion can be converted into a business idea. Notably, Doree says that not all passions can be turned into businesses, so it is good to research before launching into business.

Business plan

Concerning business plans, Doree says that they help the business owner to make certain that everything is in place before launching into business. She says that business plans are useful when one is looking for investors as they love establishing whether one’s business is ideal or not. She further says that business is only for people, who can work even when things do not look promising. Moreover, Doree says that modeling one’s business after successful entrepreneurs also leads to success as one avoids common mistakes.

Doe Doree and Lime Crime Company

Lime Crime was created with the vision of revolutionizing the makeup industry from the way one shops to the way it makes them feel. Lime Crime is one of the pioneers in digital native beauty brands and it’s a leader in the digital and social space. Doe Doree and team always take the internet by storm and set new standards for quality and performance. The company has trailblazing beginnings that have changed the face of beauty with the introduction of such products as Unicorn lipstick.

The Lime Crime products are made unapologetically with the intention of making the user create looks that match their moods. The products are certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny as Cruelty-Free and Vegan products. Since the Lime Crime products are always rebelling the norm they never bore the users. Doree says that if the company is not obsessed with producing a new item, they just never make the product.


August 25, 2017

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Doe Deere Achieves Success by Living the Philosophies She Believes

Doe Deere decided to launch her own line of cosmetics to show people that makeup could be used as a form of self-expression rather than just a way to cover up imperfections. Ms. Deere has always demonstrated her own freedom of expression and believes that real beauty is found in whatever feels right for that moment. Her line of vividly colored cosmetics was launched online in 2008 and has gained in popularity ever since. Not only are the Lime Crime brand of lipsticks and eye shadows made in bright shades, but they are also made without any animal products or animal testing.


The company name of Lime Crime was actually the name Doe Deere registered for a line of clothing she intended to launch in 2004. She modeled all of the fashions she created so she wanted her makeup to reflect the ideals she had for her line. Ms. Deere has always gravitated toward unusual color combinations even when she first began sewing her own clothing. She soon found it was virtually impossible to find the type of vibrant makeup she wanted to use when modeling her fashions so she decided to start her own line of cosmetics.


Keeping the Brand Alive


Visitors to the Lime Crime website have the opportunity to see the mission statement of the company. The goal of this company is not just to change the idea of makeup, but to also change the way makeup makes a woman feel. Ms. Deere is always open to new ideas and inspirations. To make sure any new concept or product is in keeping with the goals of her company she always tries everything herself. She takes pride in offering a line of cosmetics that stands apart from the crowd in terms of quality and performance.


Doe Deere keeps her brand alive by constantly shaking up the world of cosmetics. When making decisions about products she paints a picture of her customer in her mind to make sure it feels right. Ms. Deere is a firm believer in going with her gut instinct and basic intuition. She also maintains a great rapport with all of the people who work behind the scenes. Ms. Deere treats her employees, vendors and board members with respect and kindness. She believes people respond better when they feel appreciated for what they do. Doe Deere openly shares her business philosophies with other women looking to make it in the business world.

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January 17, 2017

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