Cassio Audi: Experienced

One of the outstanding qualities of Cassio Audi is his wide skill base and strong academic background. The Brazilian investment manager who has an excellent track record of management has acquired numerous skills over the years. He has excellent due diligence and project management and planning skills, which are critical in zeroing in one good investment options capable of giving the investors good returns on their investments. He is also a good team leader with excellent business strategy and strategic financial planning skills. His specialization in mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and company valuation is critical in his success as an investment manager with industry knowledge and capable of analyzing industry trends. With close to 20 years of experience in the industry, Cassio Audi has taken on international clients due to his mastery of English and Spanish; two of the most commonly spoken languages globally.

Work and Academic History

Cassio Audi has held several management positions in the investment industry especially in Brazil. His early career began with a senior analyst position at FP&E before moving to Gillette as a financial director where his excellent service delivery saw the Procter & Gamble acquire the company’s operations in Brazil. He was also employed as a human resource director and chief financial officer at Rossi Commercial Properties. His appointment in 2012 followed a similar career between 2006 and 2008 at Brascan Brasil Real Estate Partners Inc. He oversaw the company’s financial and operational success. He was later hired in 2013 by GVMI Real Estate where is he is currently serving as the company’s managing director.

Cassio Audi is an alumnus of University of Sao Paulo where he graduated with a Master of Business Administration degree. He received his first from Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. After his first degree, he had a short stint as a drummer for Viper. His four year music career saw the band release up to four music tracks.


June 4, 2017

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