There Is A Difference In Between A Mild Weather Vs Cold Weather Game

It is the time of year when the temperatures all throughout the country begin to drop and drop dramatically in some cases. This means that NFL odds are going to change a lot as well. The football odds that one can find during the cold weather games are literally impacted by the way in which the players respond to that weather. has a great piece about how the cold weather games ought to be bet differently than other games. They detail how NFL odds are different when the weather outside is cold. In recent years it seems as though the home teams have had a large advantage at beating the spread when the temperature outside is 19 degrees or lower. That is an advantage that one may want to take advantage of or at least note. There are not many of these games each year, but they may be the games that one wants to put their faith in the home team for.

Cold weather games are another prime opportunity to bet the under on the over/under bet according to It is pretty obviously that fewer points are likely to be scored when the weather outside is very cold. This is because the players are just not up to the level of play that they would normally be at. However, with this one you will need to act quickly. The professional betters are usually quite quick to jump on these games and drop the lines of the games to a much lower level than what they would have started at.

Some people already have their minds on Super Bowl odds. The Super Bowl is always played in February so it is something that could potentially be a cold weather game. However, the NFL has gotten ahead of this and understood that it could be a problem a long time ago. As such, the NFL has done what they can to schedule the Super Bowl for either an indoor stadium or in a warm weather location.

The Super Bowl odds are far less likely to be impacted by the weather than they are by the sheer volume of people who bet on the game. There is so much interest in the Super Bowl odds and the game itself that everyone throws their money on the game. As such, the line is usually fairly well set. Just don’t expect the weather to determine much about how to bet on this game.

January 4, 2017

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