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Paul Mampilly has more than 25 years of investment experience in the financial sector. He began his profession in the year 1991 where he operated as vice portfolio manager with the Bankers Trustmark. Rapidly, Mampilly progressed to upper positions at the ING and Deutsche Bank where he was responsible for multi-million dollar accounts. In 2006, owners of Kinetics Asset Management procured Mampilly to handle hedge fund within the organization. Under the leadership of Mampilly, the company increased its assets value to $25 billion becoming the best hedge funds in the world according to Barron.

After a couple of months, Mampilly was invited to handle investment competition started by Templeton Foundation. Mampilly made a key investment return whereby with the first investment of approximately $50 million, he developed the ventures to $88 million within a year. The most exciting part is that; he was able to realize a key financial growth in the year 2008 and 2009. Nevertheless, he decided to retire early from his job at Wall Street and get more time for his family. At present, rather than focusing on accumulating wealth, Mampilly is focusing on helping normal citizens get successful investments. And that the key reason he started these two organizations: Extreme Fortunes & Profits Unlimited newsletters.

During an interview by Ideamensch, Mampilly reviewed that putting his priorities first is what has led to his growth. For instance, in the publishing business, he revealed that you often have to put first your readers. He highlighted that if your core point in getting money comes the first as an investor, it’s the matter of time before your business collapses. According to Mampilly, it is always wise to make your customers a priority, and that builds a strong foundation to make your business victorious. Another key business is making sure there is a workable relationship between working members within your organization.

Mampilly disclosed of using platforms like LinkedIn and ensures his profile is always updated and accurate. His great working experience made him win the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition. That motivated Mampilly to start his newsletter; Profits Unlimited which is currently handled by Banyan Hill Publishing.

The objective of that newsletter is to provide investment guidance to the most profitable options. It compiles his month to month reports in eight pages and then sent to his subscribers. Mampilly additionally takes from his portfolio some of the weekly stocks that he explains how they are performing in the market and puts their updates on his site. Instead of doing investment on his subscribers, Mampilly adopted a unique method where he permits them to purchase stocks from their accounts providing fresh option from the traditional ways.

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October 19, 2017

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Investments Of Good Faith In The US

Warren Buffet is one of the richest person on earth, and he believes that he can achieve more by investing in a passive index fund than investing in a hedge fund. For this reason, he was brave enough to dedicate $1 million of his money to charity if he achieved this feat.

Tim Armour, on the other hand, is an experienced financial analyst from the United States and agrees with Warren Buffet. He also agrees with Warren Buffet that it’s better to invest in low cost and simple investments with the secret being holding these investments for a long period. The two financial experts also emphasize the need for conducting due diligence on an investment before committing capital.

Warren Buffet totally disagrees with the notion of mutual funds and says that they are bad investments. This is because they are associated with excessive trading and high management fees. He says that an investor who invested $10,000 40 years ago into the index fund is worth $500,000 today. He then says that this is much better than an investment made in top active funds in America that include The Investment Company of America, The Growth Fund of America and Washington Mutual Investors Fund.

Tim Armour is a top executive from the United States who holds a degree in Economics from Middlebury College. He has been in the finance industry for over 32 years. As of today, Tim Armour acts as the chairman of a company called Capital Group. Other than a spell as a capital analyst, Tim Armour invests heavily in the service industry and telecommunication.

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May 1, 2017

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Characteristics That Make Martin Lustgarten an Investment Expert

Investment banking is a process that has existed for decades. It is a form of investment which is diverse, and it offers support to the banking institutions and to individuals who want to grow their wealth. The banks and other financial institutions earn money through various strategies. These strategies should be wisely implemented to allow the organization to compete effectively with other financial institutions. Through investment banking, the financial institutions can generate money in various methods. Each financial institution requires a perfect investment banker to offer advisory support on the best techniques to employ to enhance profitability.

To become successful in the investing banking, an individual should be proficient. Individuals should be well experienced and well equipped with excellent skills and knowledge. Martin Lustgarten is one of the best investment experts in the entire world. Thousands of clients and institutions have benefited from his unbeatable knowledge and proficiency.


About Martin

Martin Lustgarten is an exceptional and a successful leader in investment banking. He serves his clients with great passion and determination. He is one of the best investment bankers ever due to his great talent and competencies. Martin is well known to possess outstanding skills that enable him to evaluate the market trends and predict the future outcomes in the world of banking. He is a great financial advisor. Martin has unbeatable experience in banking, wealth management, and investment.


Martin is a loyal citizen of Venezuela and Austria. The duo citizenship allows him to reach millions of clients from different countries in the world. His investment techniques are diverse and are appropriately laid out in the various countries. It is because he has a strong belief in international investment. Therefore, the wealth of Lustgarten has increased massively. He is one of the richest investors in his country.


Management of institutional and individual money and assets is an essential thing which should be done by experts. Various people find life after retirement tough due to mismanagement of funds and the fear of the future. These people need an expert like Martin who will guide them in forming an investment plan that will help them grow their wealth efficiently.

December 1, 2016

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