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From the movie screen to a treadmill near you, Kate Hudson has quickly left her mark on the world of fitness, and fashion. Aside from her talents behind the screen, and in front of the camera, Kate Hudson has long been known for her love and passion for fitness. She regularly posts videos sharing her workout routines, and quick tips for a happier healthier lifestyle. In October 2013, the talented actress and fitness enthusiast took things one step further. Collaborating with successful businessmen Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, Hudson launched the popular athletic wear line, Fabletics.


While it was introduced as an e-commerce platform, the tremendous success of the Fabletics brand caused its makers to launch more than 20 brick-and-mortar stores. Kate Hudson partners with pop star Demi Lovato for the next phase in the Fabletics takeover. Drawn to the company by her desire to empower and support women, Lovato works hand in hand with Hudson to introduce her limited-edition activewear.


Since day one, Hudson has been front and center of the Fabletics operation. From promoting the line to managing budgeting and financing, she has been heavily involved in the brand. She relies heavily on feedback from her customers to improve the quality of products offered and to expand their product offerings. Her hands-on approach allows her to get a first-hand look at their best sellers, and areas that need the most improvement. And while we know all celebrities don’t always practice what they preach, Hudson is a firm believer and proud supporter in the Fabletics brand. Not only does she promote the brand herself, she also uses is in her everyday life.


Passion is the fire that ignites the flame in all of us. It is Hudson’s passion for fitness and fashion that led her to Fabletics. It is her belief that women should always feel beautiful and confident, no matter activity they are doing, or what errand they are running. Fabletics is an affordable way for women to stay fit and active, without compromising their own sense of style. Her commitment her fans and customers paired with her promise to deliver the most affordable, high-quality athletic wear has helped land Fabletics at the top of the list in the fitness arena.

October 5, 2017

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Fabletics: Move Over Amazon!

Did you know that Amazon controls 20% of the electronic fashion market? You would have to be either crazy or have an incredible marketing program to try to compete with that colossus of sales, but Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is doing just that and seeing some success (growing into a $250 million business) in only three years.


Though there is a certain amount of mystery associated with all success, but Fabletics had Amazon in their cross-hairs long before they became a household name. They knew the competition would be fierce, but they planned a multi-part strategy that is paying off.


Fabletics launched with much fanfare in a subscription model. Offering remarkable, quality fitness outfits at an extreme discount to attract interest is their foundation. This initial offer is contingent upon accepting VIP membership with its monthly shipments balanced by easy, customer-friendly cancellation. This approach built a groundswell of interest, launching Fabletics with a ripple of interest in the fashion-forward fitness crowd.


However, the Fabletics story does not stop with this one marketing approach. In addition to the impressive carrot that has attracted so many customers, you need products to keep those customers. Fabletics offers a layered system of service and quality to maintain interest and customers.


For example, rather than just sending every customer the identical outfit each month, Fabletics custom-selects outfits based on selling history and registered preferences. When you register for VIP membership so you can receive the sensational initial bargain outfit, you also register your exercise habits, exercise clothing preferences such as shorts vs. capris, and style interests.


Fabletics combines this data with your purchasing patterns. Though the premise is that you receive a new outfit for approximately $50 each month, you are not required to accept that outfit or any outfit for a given month. By tracking what you keep and what your return, Fabletics can further tailor your outfits for greater success each month and fewer returns.


As for customer service beyond fashion optimization, Fabletics has designed a system to prevent customers from frustration. Many subscription-based services become discouraging over time. For example, if you belong to a book club and have a busy period when you can neither read nor return books, you feel trapped by the subscription.


Fabletics fights the subscription ennui by providing customers with a substantial refusal window each month to prevent an order from shipping at all with no charge to the member. Each shipment is sent on approval; the customer may select items from the shipment, keep the entire shipment or even return the entire shipment. Any customer who returns partial or complete shipments receives store credit or is charged a minimum fee for refund. VIP customers pay no shipping fee, which is genius. Many people refuse to purchase electronically because of the price of shipping.


Using this well-reasoned approach, Fabletics is making a real splash in the growing fashion athletics market. Offering fashion-forward, quality athletic ware sponsored by beautiful Kate Hudson, with responsive customer care is working for Fabletics.

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January 20, 2017

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