Robert Ivy Gives an Insight of the Work Done by American Institute of Architects


The American Institute of Architects is a professional architects organization which is located in the United States. AIA offers public outreach, and government advocacy to support the profession of architect and improve public image. The AIA is a non-government organization, and the chief executive officer of the company is Thomas Vonier. The firm was founded in New York in 1857 with the aim of elevating the architect profession.

The membership constitutes of more than 90,000 licensed architects who are bound by the code of ethics which is meant to uphold high standards of professional practice. The five levels of membership for AIA are; first, the architect members who are licensed to practice architecture by the relevant authority in the United States. Second are the associate members who work under the supervision of an architect in a technical capacity but are not yet licensed to practice architecture. Another form of membership is the Emiratus members who are above the age of sixty-five and have been members of AIA for at least fifteen successive years. There are also the international associate members who have a license to practice architecture from another authority that is outside the United States. The last form of membership is the allied members who are people whose profession is related to building and design. Some of these members are engineers and product manufacturers.

The AIA Influences the quality of architectural life in America and the government practices which affect the practice of architecture. It monitors regulatory and legislative action and uses its membership’s collective power in decision making. The community based program of AIA works with federal legislators to protect the infrastructure of the country and develop affordable, well-designed housing for all residents. AIA raises public awareness on the importance of good design and the value of architecture. AIA recognizes organizations and people who have outstanding achievements that support the architecture profession.

Robert Ivy is a soft-spoken and warm leader whose profession is focused on building and construction industries. He encourages architects to think beyond their field. Robert Ivy believes that architecture can have an enormous impact in different areas such as improving health and providing disaster relief. Robert Ivy has played a crucial role in the public health of America through various architectural activities like draining swamps.

Robert Ivy believes that architecture directly affects the rate of communicable diseases in the society. He says that buildings can be designed in such a way to promote exercise, for example making it necessary for individuals to walk on stairs.

October 27, 2017

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