Cleansing Conditioners That Work

All Natural Wen Hair CareThere are some new ideas in hair care seeing increasing popularity of late, and one of the most exciting developments is the idea of the cleansing conditioner. This product acts like a shampoo but tends to be gentler on the hair. It cleans but also conditions and ideally, it will leave the hair clean but not overly hydrated and oily. A good cleansing conditioner removes one step in the hair care process and thus can make hair care a bit easier to manage.

As cleansing conditioners become more popular, more consumers are embracing the idea. Manufacturers, seeing this trend are creating more of these cleansers in a variety of formulations. One of the product lines that is really catching on with women who care about having great hair is the Wen hair care product line.

Formulations from Wen by Chaz

The Wen product line was developed by hair stylist Chaz Dean after he heard many of his salon customers asking for a conditioner that could also treat and cleanse their hair. Thus was Wen by Chaz born. This cleansing conditioner is recommended for frequent (daily) use, with a large (palm size) amount applied in each wash.

Customers who have used Wen regularly report great results, with hair that feels silky and very manageable after just a few treatments.

The Wen by Chaz conditioning cleanser comes in a range of fresh smelling formulations. All these products are created with natural ingredients, which accounts for the incredibly fresh smell and feel of the cleanser.

The scents in this line include Fig (which is formulated to treat over-stressed hair), Winter Vanilla Mint (which is great for all hair types), and Lavender (made to boost hair’s natural body and feel). Other formulations in this very fresh smelling line include Fall Apple Spice (which is detergent free), Winter White Citrus (which is loaded with antioxidants) and Pomegranate (great for every hair type). These cleansers smell absolutely incredible, which makes it easy to use them frequently. If it’s time to take a new approach to hair care, consider buying Wen by Chaz.

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December 28, 2016

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