Improving Patient Care through use of MB2 Dental Services

MB2 Dental Solutions is an organization made by affiliate dentist partners. The group aims at providing the member clinics with a suite of practices that help them run dental services efficiently without giving up their patient care control.

The organization runs every aspect of dental practice through the support of the MB2 team. Also, all involved partners maintain a hundred percent clinical autonomy.

Driving Motives

Yellow Pages has it that MB2 Dental organization is set under strong core values and vision which help them assist their customers to offer the best medical practices to their patients. Through the assistance from the organization, dentists stand a better chance of focusing on their patients.

The team realizes their vision through the provision of experts to offer knowledge and guidance to their affiliate partners. They are also responsible for providing partners with personalized systems that help in handling the non-clinical tasks, such as strategic business decisions, leaving doctors with ample time to focus on patient care.

Services Offered by MB2 Dental

In medical practices, non-clinical practices can be bothersome to the extent of diverting doctor’s attention from caring to the patients. MB2 Dental team’s agenda is to release all their affiliate partners from these tasks.

According to White Pages, the MB2 Dental team handles all human resource intricacies of their affiliate partners. Additionally, to ensure that their partners have the right people in respective areas, they carry out the hectic recruiting process. The MB2 Dental also goes ahead to offer training to the staff with the aim of delivering the best patient experience.

Other services that the organization offers include IT, procurement, billing and collections, marketing, and business development. Once these tasks are taken off the shoulders of the doctors, they can direct all their focus on patient care.

MB2 Dental Management

Through the leadership of a dedicated and experienced team, MB2 Dental delivers quality services to all their partners.

The organization is led by Dr. Chris Steven who is the C.E.O and also the founder. Chris has experience as an associate dentist. Justin Puckett acts the organization’s president. He has vast experience in the dentistry field.

Justin Carroll acts as the organization’s chief operating office. He has experience in equity investment and strategy operations and improvement. Mark Fuller is MB2 chief finance officer and he has over 25 years in the finance field working as an accountant. Martha Alikacem oversees the MB2 billing and collection in her capacity as the chief revenue officer.

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March 8, 2017

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