InnovaCare’s Administrative Team

InnovaCare Health is a health providing organization serving North America. The medical services provided are in two categories, namely: Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks and Medicaid Programs.

The aim of InnovaCare is to provide affordable long-term and advanced services to clients through models that facilitate effective treatment.The mission at InnovaCare is always to adapt to the ever-changing healthcare services with the innovation of technology. InnovaCare’s values are drafted to accommodate clients through patience and providing quality and innovative treatment.

The current head of InnovaCare is Dr. Richard Shinto. He is the President and Chief Executive Officer managing InnovaCare’s health program from Puerto Rico. Rick Shinto is an alumnus of the University of California with a bachelor’s degree. He also graduated from the State University of New York with a medical degree and from the University of Redlands with an M.B.A.

He began his career as an intern and pulmonologist in Southern California. Richard Shinto previously worked for Aveta Incorporation as the President and Chief Executive Officer from 2008 until 2012 when its ownership changed. During his employment, he was also a member of the administrative team at the organization. Dr. Richard’s managerial experience spans 20 years with additional experience working at NAMM California as the Chief Medical Officer and Head Operation Officer.

Dr. Shinto previously worked for MedPartners and was in charge of managing the Medical sector as the Corporate Vice President. After serving MedPartners for a year, Richard left to join Cal Optima Health Plan based in Orange County.

Dr. Richard’s has documented his knowledge on health care and clinical medicine in several published articles. Recently three members joined the administrative team of InnovaCare Health. Penelope Kokkinides joined as the new Chief Administrative Officer in June 2015. Before the appointment, Penelope was the Chief Operating Officer of InnovaCare Corporation and Aveta Corporation with an additional role as the Vice President of Clinical Operations. Penelope’s administrative experience includes specialized skills in Medicare and Medicaid. She previously worked for Centerlight Healthcare as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating professional. Penelope Kokkinides also used to work for Touchstone Health as the Chief Operating Officer, the Care Management and Disease organization at AmeriChoice as the Vice President creating and managing the firm’s health care model. Read more on HRMR Online.

She graduated from Binghamton University with a degree in classical languages and biological sciences, and a master’s degree in social work and public health from the New York University, and Columbia University respectively. She also earned a post master’s degree from New York University with a degree in substance and alcohol abuse.

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November 26, 2016

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