Here’s How Stream Energy Helps Save Money

It’s the end of the month, and you’re gasping on the high electricity bill on your hand. How come it went this high? You do not know whether to scream, cry or sit down and think how you can manage your electricity bills. The answer to this is to control any hidden electricity costs.

Devices plugged into the electricity sockets still use energy whether they’re active or not. Although the amount of energy consumed may be less, it accumulates with time. Train yourself to switch off unused devices such as computers, microwaves, coffee brewers, printers and many other devices. In a year, you can get to save $36.80.

You need to be more diligent to earn back your money from the phantom drain. Do remove your devices from power sockets and shut down devices that you are not using. Also, have a close look at the amount of energy you spend and ensure it is within your budget. Visit Public Utility Commission of Texas website to know more about Stream Energy.

Stream Energy is an American retail electricity and natural gas provider founded in 2004. Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki founded the company when Texas electricity market got deregulated. Stream Energy is headquartered in Dallas, Tollway Centre and is responsible for providing home services, wireless connections, energy, and protective services. The Public Utilities Commission of Texas licensed Stream to operate as a retail electricity provider. The company has increased its energy selling to Pennsylvania, New York, Washington, D.C., and Maryland.


Stream uses a multi-level marketing strategy for sales. In 2014, the company brought Ignite on board using a different multi-level marketing division. Stream Energy services are readily available in the United States except for energy which is found is energy markets that are deregulated.

Stream energy’s multi-level marketing enables its associates to earn commissions when they recruit new sales associates or make sales. The sales associates organize for local meetings referred to as “Business Presentations” where they discuss and come up with new strategies to promote their concept.

Stream energy founded in 2004 in Dallas is an energy provider and has expanded its energy selling business to states like Maryland, New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania. Every individual needs to control their energy consumption. That is possible by unplugging unused devices from the power sockets and switching them off. Although the devices consume less energy when plugged in, switching them off helps save a few dollars which accumulate over time to some good amount of money. View Stream Energy at

October 28, 2017

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Veil Lifted

Dick and Betsy DeVos have just lifted the veil on their philanthropy by taking it to a whole new level – and MLive was there to cover it all. Though Betsy kindly declined to be the one interviewed this time around, the wonderful Dick was more than ready to step up to the plate and give an update – which many had been dying to hear. In the recent interview, he discussed his tactics and strategies, the reason for why he and his wife give so much back to many communities, the passion that drives each of them and so much more. It appears that Dick did not hold back any punches either this time around, nor did he fail to have a solid answer with a firm response to each issue tackled – the main one of which involved all his past and present giving missions.


He and his wife cannot currently keep track of all the places, people and organizations that they have donated to all these last years; for if they tried to keep a record, they wouldn’t have a big enough notebook. Besides, where is the fun in that? This couple generously donates from the bottom of the heart and does not let a budget or certain numbers hold them back: They simply give and let the seeds fail where they may. This is what America honestly loves about this special couple, besides the fact that they do it all together as an adventure; there is perhaps nothing that Dick does without first consulting his wife and vice versa.


Dick DeVos is a lucky man. He is married to the sweet and beautiful Betsy DeVos, with which he has several children. Dick has led the way in major funding, and Betsy is never a step behind him.


Dick may also be found on He is also on Facebook. He holds 18,000 likes and followers, respectively. He resides in the beautiful city of Grand Rapids, Mich.


Dick and his wife have recently passed the mark of $139 million dollars in total donations this year and only plan to beat that record very soon as Dick has just mentioned, further noting the following crucial truth: The more one gives, the more one learns to enjoy giving and to truly discover his greatest life’s calling – the needs of others. There are many needs, and Dick plans to gradually uncover as many as he can while putting a permanent solution to the many monetary needs that top charities and people alike face daily. Though new challenges and needs will always rise in this lifetime, he notes that he can do his best to meet as many as possible.


August 3, 2017

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Learning How to do Business Within the Family

The family business is not a smooth road for all families. Most families choose different methods of generating income apart from the family business. The Jackson family is different. The family has taken a route of teaching its children the family business. The parents took the time to teach their children about the family business. They were assimilated in the winery business. Julia Jackson worked at the wine business while on holiday. This enabled the children to learn about the business. Julia Jackson developed the passion for the business. She was motivated by her early exposure to business.


Know more:

Julia Jackson developed a friendship with a French farmer’s daughter. This friendship enabled her to learn about the culture. This gave her the expertise of developing her career and passion in the wine industry. Her interaction with the French people made her understand their language and how to develop the best wine in the industry. Her fluency in the language made her a teacher of the French language while in College. This enabled her to understand the French culture better. The exposure gave her skill for the wineries company.

Julia Jackson thrived in marketing the Jackson family wine collection. This improved the company’s brand in the market. The company has grown as a result of the quality of the products. Julia Jackson influenced how the people made their product. Julia Jackson educated the production team on how the French people refined their products. This improved the quality of the products of the company. Julia Jackson has secured a platform where she has sold the wine. This has introduced a new wine in the industry, and people have embraced the wine in the industry. This shows that the family is an entity that people can use to develop a business. Entrepreneurs should embrace the family and use it as a resource for their businesses.

July 30, 2017

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Logan Stout’s IDLife Is Achieving New Heights Of Success In The Health And Fitness Industry

One of the leading companies in the sector of personalized nutrition is IDLife, which is the brain child of Logan Stout, a leading entrepreneur and businessman in the health and fitness industry of the United States. People these days have become highly health conscious, and while there are natural ways to remain in shape and lead a healthy life, it is often seen that a fitness program boosts the efforts tremendously. The diet of the people these days may seem healthy, but there are often many minerals and vitamins that the body lack due to improper food habits.

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IDLife products help in filling the gap left over by the lifestyle we lead and the bad food habits we practice. It would ensure that the body gets the proper nutrition. The best part is that the products of IDLife are made from natural ingredients and does not come with any side effects. If you are looking to make a change in your life and want to start a fitness regime that gets you the result, then following the health and fitness plan that is prescribed through the IDLife are ideal for you. The best part is that the IDLife offers its consumers with personalized nutrition plans to meet the requirements of the customers precisely.

Logan Stout, the founder and the CEO of IDLife has designed the business machinery of the company very carefully, and has been able to successfully promote the company to its niche audience in an effective manner. Logan Stout himself is a health and fitness enthusiast, and has been a sportsperson in the past himself. Logan Stout is a visionary and believes that IDLife is the part of an industry that is only going to grow from here on. He has been able to develop a very efficient and experienced team at IDLife that has helped the company in assuring business success.

Visit for more information about IDLife.

July 29, 2017

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Raising the Bar Behind Bars

How many times have you heard about someone being the CEO of a prison phone company? It goes to show you how business savvy Rick Smith actually is. Since June of 2008, Rick Smith has been the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies Inc. Several corporate executives would falter at the idea of successfully operating a prison phone company. Yet, Rick Smith has brought respectability to business owners who operate in the Prison Industrial Complex industry. Founded in 1986, Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, TX, with an office located in Atlanta, GA. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

Since its inception, Securus Technologies has provided millions of inmates around the country with a level of freedom they normally would not have. It has also given hope to several inmates around the United States. For the record, Securus Technologies is a billion dollar company, not to mention Richard Smith is a millionaire. In addition to being the CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith is also a board member of Integra Telecom Co. Since his youth, Rick Smith has always been self-driven. While in Buffalo New York, Smith earned a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. Later on, he would earn his Master’s degree at the University of Rochester. Prior to being the CEO of Securus, Rick Smith was the President of Eschelon Telecom Inc. for over three years. Rick Smith’s business skills at Eschelon Telecom Inc. invited an unprecedented growth within the company. Under his leadership, Securus Technologies continues to prosper. As a result, Securus Technologies has the purchasing power to buy out its smaller competitors. Although, Securus Technologies is known primarily for providing phone services to inmates, they also create GPS ankle bracelet monitoring and Securus Technologies is involved in surveillance monitoring. Evidently, Securus found a niche and filled it. This is why they remain so successful. Securus Technologies has brought significant change in lowering prison crime rates. With their innovation and technological accomplishments, Securus Technologies has been successful in preventing contraband from entering behind prison walls. Today, they remain ahead of the pack. They are always looking into ways of providing security and solutions to many of the problems today’s prisons face. Securus technologies have also made a difference in the lives of inmates by connecting them with friends and family members. Oftentimes, these people assist in correcting the actions of inmates and reduce the chances of recidivism. In recent news, they developed an app where you can visit inmates from the comfort of your home. According to Wikipedia

April 17, 2017

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Arthur Becker Makes A $53 Million Sellout

Tech and finance investor-turned-developer, Arthur Becker, is targeting a $53 million sellout of a condominium development, 465 Washington. This is according to the documents filed at the General office of the New York State Attorney. Becker has reportedly invested $550 million in different projects in the New York City. He has also worked with top developers such as Robert Gladstone, Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney. He bought 465 Washington in 2012 for $6.1 million from Peter Moore who faced a $4.7 million foreclosure suit. The project, which Arthur bought as a primer, will have seven simplex apartments and penthouse duplex whose price will start from $2,200 per square foot. Units will retail from $5 million and $14 million for the penthouse. In addition, Arthur acquired development rights from the owners of an adjacent building at 471 Washington with the objective of expanding the 5-story building to 10-stories.

Recently, The Real Deal reported Arthur Becker’s ownership of three adjacent townhouses on Sullivan Street, Soho in exchange for his Condominium development. According to Wikipedia, Robert’s Madison Equities and Maloney’s Property Markets Group developed the 30, 40 and 50 Sullivan Street homes. Becker refused to disclose the amount that he invested in the condominium development. He said that he did not make any additional investment to own the three townhouses. However, the data obtained from Real Capital Analytics indicated that he offered $15 million in preferred equity and an additional $5 million in mortgage for the project. Arthur has also invested in 111 West 57th Street. This information was originally mentioned on The Real Deal as outlined in this link

Arthur Becker is the managing member of a successful investment group, Madison Partners, LLC. This corporation focuses on real estate development and Biotechnology. Arthur served as the CEO of Navisite. Later, he rendered his services as the Chairman and CEO of Zinio, which is regarded as the largest newsstand in the world. Navisite provided internet technology services to various companies in the US and UK. The company had opened offices in the US, UK, and India. It provided cloud-based application management solutions and center hosting services to the enterprise market before it was sold to Time Warner in 2011. In addition, Arthur worked as a senior advisor for the Vera Wang Fashion Company for seven years.

April 3, 2017

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Roberto Santiago’s Interesting History

When one looks at Roberto Santiago, one always thinks about the big shopping mall that he owns. However, one would not think that he was a writer. As a matter of fact, he has started out as a writer. He has also shown that he can direct and produce. In other words, he is an artist. He has started a blog in which he shares his ideas and insights on a lot of topics. This may come as an unexpected piece of information to some people. However, when they look at the mall that he owns, they realize all of this could only come from someone who is creative. Read more articles on Roberto’s Blogspot.

Manaira Mall definitely shows what can happen when Roberto Santiago allows his creativity to shine. There are a lot of features of this particular mall that people will not find at most other malls, especially all together. Among the features, that Manaira Mall features are fitness gyms, bowling alleys, movie theaters, concert halls and plenty of stores for people of all income brackets. Manaira Shopping has something that many people could benefit from. Roberto Santiago himself is very proud of the work that he has put into the mall and is always looking for ways to enhance the experience.

Roberto Santiago has shown that he is very interested in what the customers want. Given that he has a lot of creativity, he can think of all of the different events that could attract customers. The interesting thing is that he has managed to bring them all to the mall and make it fit well. Therefore, people can come to his mall for many different reasons.

Roberto Santiago has a very interesting history in his career that shows that he knows how to go after what he wants. He also knows how to make money off of what he is passionate about and bring out the passion in others. This is one of the reasons that Manaira Shopping Mall has become one of the most popular and most successful malls in Brazil. People can find some new items and stores that they had no idea about at Manaira Mall. Visit TripAdvisor to read more.

March 21, 2017

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How Don Ressler Climbed The Online Retail Ladder

The Turn Of The Century
The turn of the century was an important for the internet. The business models and ideas we take for granted today were in their infancy stages on Crunchbase and investors speculated about the potential of the internet. This was when Don Ressler came into the spotlight. Known today for the smashing success of JustFab and Fabletics, Ressler was already a surprising success. He was already capable of generating billions in revenue for the numerous startups he created during this time. Eventually Don Ressler met Adam Goldenberg, a like minded entrepreneur who was also interested in online retail. The DUO would come together in 2005 to give the world a new approach to fashion.

One Size For Everyone
The brainchild Ressler and Goldenberg ended up with was JustFab. Essentially, JustFab was a website centered around giving customers a personalized shopping experience on LinkedIn. Instead customers receive clothing meant specifically for them. The personalized selection options have proven successful in part due to the celebrity power of fellow cofounder Kimora Lee Simmons. Thanks to her, JustFab has generated millions and has one of the largest followings in online retail.

A Perfect Fit For Athletic Wear
Don Ressler understands when he has hit the jackpot and when to keep a winning formula. After seeing the success of JustFab he decided to create a new online retailer, Fabletics, with a fixation on athletic wear. Similar to JustFab customers would sign up and pay a subscription fee, but the clothes offered would match their specific lifestyle as well. If you are particularly active, for instance, you’ll receive clothing that suits your activity at Fabletics has proven so successful it has managed to do something unprecedented among online retails. There are now Fabletics brick and mortar stores where customers can buy athletic clothing in person.

Branching Out Of The Internet
Although online retail is where Ressler has seen his greatest success, he has branched out into other domains. He has a stake in the cosmetics market with the anti-aging cream Hydroderm. Currently, he is looking for ways to expand the brands he has already built into the real world on With the success of the 6 brick and mortar stores Fabletics has already he sees a bright future for an additional 50-100 physical locations for the brand. If things go as planned, Ressler may find his name associated with retail franchise chains over his currently online businesses.

January 6, 2017

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The Career and Life of David Osio

On June 22nd of 2016, Davos Real Estate Group had announced the launch of the new mobile app to be known as Davos CAP Calculator, in the official statement to customers. The aim of the application is being able to estimate return in real estate investments for which the client is interested. Davos Real Estate Group is just one independent company in the group of companies that make up the Davos Financial Group, Davos Financial is an international financial group and is a leader of the Latin American market that has had more than two decades of offering advice in comprehensive financial services. The business’s objective has been to focus on formulating the investment strategy that will meet the expectations and the needs of all clients. They have been formulating these investment strategies by combining the premium products throughout regulatory framework that requires high quality in service. And the experience of professional teams who are licensed and specialize in each of the services that have been offered. Over the six months that lead up too the announcement in June, Gerard Gonzalez, who is the Executive Director for Davos REG, had been working with the company Tecknolution in order to develop and design the useful tool, that has allowed individuals to estimate the gain of investment properties, following the consideration of expenses that are associated with the properties. The application is developed with the latest technology platforms and is available for both Android and iPhone devices. This application is the first in a series of complementary apps, that will comprise the ability of identifying properties with the individual’s mobile devices and being able to forward historic real estate reports to agents at Davos, by interactive chat. Among benefits that are included in the new application is a Mortgage Calculator, this allowing Davos clients to have the ability of estimating their mortgage based on projections of the bank, the associated rate of interest and the funding period. In recent months, Davos Real Estate Group has refocused, the company has developed a new strategic partnership with international real estate agents, by doing this they have expanded borders of service to Europe, beginning with Spain.


David Osio is the CEO and founder of the financial advisory group for independent companies, Davos Financial Group. Osio has helped in guiding companies expansion and growth with hands-on leadership and business skills. The efforts of Osio have been focused on include creating a comprehensive financial services that have been offered to clients. Through the professional approach that he takes, Osio has helped in Davos Financial Group to become a Financial Boutique, that offers specialized services throughout each independent company licensed.

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December 7, 2016

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How Mike Baur Is Changing Lives Through the Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur, an American venture capitalist and successful entrepreneur, is among professionals who have impacted the business world positively. He has invested heavily in supporting ideas presented by young professionals and through the Swiss Startup Factory, many have managed to build their startups while learning vital skills.


The Swiss Startup Factory is an incubation center where Swiss IT startups can access all the resources they need to walk through the development process seamlessly. Steered by Mike Baur with support from experienced professionals, the platform has been developed into one of the most impressive incubation facility across the country.


Since 2014 when the Swiss Startup Factory was founded, Mike Baur has been inviting professionals who are experienced in different areas of business to offer insight into the problems presented by the entrepreneurs. The facility has also partnered with several leading universities across the country to ensure all vital resources the entrepreneurs need are availed.


A network of experts

Joining the Swiss Startup Factory exposes the entrepreneurs to a rich network of professionals, who offer the much needed skills to steer the startups forward. They can create useful contacts that can help them later in their endeavors. The pool also allows the young entrepreneurs to learn a lot about entrepreneurship while ensuring they offer them support to further develop their products to become fit for the market.


Branding and PR

Marketing is one of the roles any serious entrepreneur cannot afford to ignore if there is any hope for the attainment of success. Branding is by large part of marketing and it impacts on the perception on ground and how a product is received. The Swiss Startup Factory offers entrepreneurs a platform where they can engage branding experts who also offer them support to build a good PR campaign for their products.


Accounting support

A business cannot run seamlessly in the absence of proper accounting services. This is the reason the Swiss Startup Factory engages accounting support that equips the startups with the necessary skills so they can manage their accounting roles seamlessly.


More about Mike Baur

Born in Fribourg, Mike Baur pursued his passion in banking and was able to enter into the private banking sector in Switzerland. His career as a banker proceeded for almost 20 years before he quit to try entrepreneurship. In 2014, he founded the Swiss Startup Factory, a facility that has been incubating IT startups across the country.

November 28, 2016

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