Solving Mobility Issues With Innovation

In 2015, Mike Heiligenstein published an article discussing the critical issues that the city of Austin faces with the increase of traffic. He had accurately predicted that the traffic in Austin will increasingly become congested and the city will not be prepared to mitigate it. He also promoted his organization, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, as the means to stop it.

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is specifically dedicated to construction new mobility solutions for roads. They are considered to be an agency representing the community rather than a private company.

They had constructed the 183A toll booth for the Cedar Park, which has greatly improved traffic conditions for the community. They were also responsible for the U.S. 290 toll road in Austin. The organization proposes that they implement similar solutions throughout key areas of Austin.

They aim to use innovative technology amongst toll roads to increase the efficiency of traffic flow. The MoPac Express Lane technology is the leading solution to greatly reduce congerstion in such roads. The technology will add variance to toll rates to allow control of the traffic flow.

The Express Lane would improve greatly and have a more seamless flow. Other toll roads face congestion during rush hour. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

In collaboration with Metropia, the group had created a traffic application for mobile phones. The application will provide alternative routes that the user should take based on traffic conditions and toll rates. The authority is also working with the app Carma to encourage carpooling on their toll routes. There are hundreds of thousands of empty seats that could be utilized to reduce traffic in Texas.

The Texas A&M Transportation Institute also encourages people to walk or ride bikes instead of drive. The excess of cars in the road for short voyages also contribute to the traffic issues in the area. There are also biking and pedestrian paths being built over major highways to encourage the practice.

According to Supply Chain Digital, Mike Heiligenstein is the Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. Mike is also a constributor to other similar organizations like the Texas Transportation Institute and the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association. His organization has been

an avid promoter of reducing traffic in the state of Texas. He also publishes articles as a guest writer about traffic and futurism. He recently written an article for Technology Review abour the impacts of sef-driving cars. He believes firmly that these cars will reduce the carbon footprint and reduce accidents.

April 23, 2017

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Doe Deere’s Passion for Creativity and Freedom of Expression

When female entrepreneur Doe Deere set out to make a name for herself in the business world she had no idea how popular her line of cosmetics would become. Her objective was to bring new ideas to the world of beauty by providing a line of cosmetics that had colors not generally found in other makeup lines. Doe describes the other lines of makeup as being neutral, which meant that basically every look would be the same. As someone who has always had a passion for creativity she believed makeup should be designed for freedom of expression.


Doe Deere’s line of Lime Crime cosmetics not only comes in vibrant shades they are also made without animal testing. The idea to launch a line of cosmetics actually came from Doe’s own experience with makeup. She often used theatrical makeup to create the captivating looks she wanted when modeling fashions she had designed herself. In fact, the name of her makeup line was actually intended to be used for her line of fashions. Ms. Deere goes to great lengths to make sure the way her creations look meet with her sense of creativity, which is why she decided to launch her own brand of makeup.


Taking a Positive Approach to Business


As a successful business woman Doe Deere is often asked to speak to other women interested in achieving their own success in the business world. She has spoken at such events as Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour and PHAMExpo. Doe is known to stress the importance of following that inner voice that guides people toward what they feel passionate about. She lives this philosophy on a daily basis to ensure the products she provides in her line meet with her own expectations of what she wants her brand to represent. Any time she is presented with a new idea she tries it out on herself to see if it suits the style she wants for her line.


Doe Deere also takes a positive approach to business when dealing with her employees, managers or even the company’s vendors. She strongly believes that people react better when they are treated with respect. She has a great deal of respect and appreciation for her loyal fans, whom she fondly refers to as unicorns. She takes the feedback from her customers very seriously and regrets that her company did not have a customer service department in place when it first launched online in 2008.


Visit for more details.


April 20, 2017

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The Services Beyond the Borders

The MB2 Dental was formed as a result of collaborations between several dental practitioners who came together for the same purpose. This facility aims at improving dental problems that the community has faced in the long run. The facility was initially established in a single state in Dallas TX. And later, due to its development, it managed to establish its wings throughout the United States with more than six branches today.


The recruitment process at this facility is based on regional balance. Therefore, all the individuals from a different part of the continent are given an equal chance to participate. This system of recruitment, has decades gain for more reviews, making the company look more useful to all corners of the world.


Additionally, the facility through its management has managed to create links with other institutions that offers the same services to establish a platform for creativity. Consequently, the service is focused on conducting more research to discover the new, and better methods of improving the health care services to their client.


Despite the completions in the market, the facility has managed to attract with various classes of stakeholder and individuals who are willing to invest with them for the purpose of business. Given the fact that more clients are increasingly seen attending their facility, the report indicates that most consumers prefer the kind of services offered here.


The medical environment is not only accommodating regarding holding more clients but also conducive regarding functionality. Around the entire region, the facility has erected various offices to ensure that they capture all customers in terms of accessibility. It has enabled them to offer a 24 hours service to the people around the state.


Other than this, the organization has also decided to create a website where it can interact and provide online services to the people. In recently conducted statistics, the team was ranked much more above its competitors. Because of its website is well established in an applauding manner. Few individuals who were interviewed during this sampling process, boldly accepted that the facility had impacted them a lot regarding service delivery and costs.


The accessibility and competency were significant concerns that they advised that the organizations should be the focus. Finally, the recently audited firm report shows that the teams featured to be the best institution regarding equality and ethnicity. This idea was deemed to be satisfactory since the organization has a valid license from international medical standards in a review of charter awards from ISO.



April 20, 2017

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Raising the Bar Behind Bars

How many times have you heard about someone being the CEO of a prison phone company? It goes to show you how business savvy Rick Smith actually is. Since June of 2008, Rick Smith has been the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies Inc. Several corporate executives would falter at the idea of successfully operating a prison phone company. Yet, Rick Smith has brought respectability to business owners who operate in the Prison Industrial Complex industry. Founded in 1986, Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, TX, with an office located in Atlanta, GA. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

Since its inception, Securus Technologies has provided millions of inmates around the country with a level of freedom they normally would not have. It has also given hope to several inmates around the United States. For the record, Securus Technologies is a billion dollar company, not to mention Richard Smith is a millionaire. In addition to being the CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith is also a board member of Integra Telecom Co. Since his youth, Rick Smith has always been self-driven. While in Buffalo New York, Smith earned a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. Later on, he would earn his Master’s degree at the University of Rochester. Prior to being the CEO of Securus, Rick Smith was the President of Eschelon Telecom Inc. for over three years. Rick Smith’s business skills at Eschelon Telecom Inc. invited an unprecedented growth within the company. Under his leadership, Securus Technologies continues to prosper. As a result, Securus Technologies has the purchasing power to buy out its smaller competitors. Although, Securus Technologies is known primarily for providing phone services to inmates, they also create GPS ankle bracelet monitoring and Securus Technologies is involved in surveillance monitoring. Evidently, Securus found a niche and filled it. This is why they remain so successful. Securus Technologies has brought significant change in lowering prison crime rates. With their innovation and technological accomplishments, Securus Technologies has been successful in preventing contraband from entering behind prison walls. Today, they remain ahead of the pack. They are always looking into ways of providing security and solutions to many of the problems today’s prisons face. Securus technologies have also made a difference in the lives of inmates by connecting them with friends and family members. Oftentimes, these people assist in correcting the actions of inmates and reduce the chances of recidivism. In recent news, they developed an app where you can visit inmates from the comfort of your home. According to Wikipedia

April 17, 2017

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Finding EOS: A Natural Lip Care Product

Evolution of Smooth’s Addition to the Market

When you think about lip care, you’re probably thinking about all those vertical tubes of menthol flavored balm. Which one do you choose? Do you go for the tube or the pot? Well, Evolution of Smooth has certainly changed things up a bit. Your options are far less limited and you can now purchase a product that has all the good organic benefits that you need to keep those lips soft and smooth. They have created a new type of lip product that is far more appealing to the eye, but that also is healthier and suitable for anyone.

Putting Them on the Shelves

When Evolution of Smooth first came up with their product, they knew what they were up against. Trusted brands for thirty plus years filled the shelves, but EOS designed their lip balm to stand out from the rest. They are in spherical orbs that come in different flavors and colors. Not only that, but they are $3 each, making them comparable to all the other ones in your local stores.

How Did They Find Success?

Once they were on the shelves, EOS lip balm made it a point to advertise beyond belief. They are currently the most advertised company in the lip care industry, and their success proves that this was a wise choice. When the product first came out, they made sure to have it reviewed by beauty bloggers, making it a huge deal on Facebook and other social media platforms. According to Fast Company, these approaches were well received and they continue to be a buzz worthy item. One million units are sold per week, and they are expected to hit two billion in profit in the coming years. Thanks to limited edition set that pair with holidays or Disney, they are even more desirable. This company has certainly changed the lip care industry for the better.

April 6, 2017

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Arthur Becker Makes A $53 Million Sellout

Tech and finance investor-turned-developer, Arthur Becker, is targeting a $53 million sellout of a condominium development, 465 Washington. This is according to the documents filed at the General office of the New York State Attorney. Becker has reportedly invested $550 million in different projects in the New York City. He has also worked with top developers such as Robert Gladstone, Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney. He bought 465 Washington in 2012 for $6.1 million from Peter Moore who faced a $4.7 million foreclosure suit. The project, which Arthur bought as a primer, will have seven simplex apartments and penthouse duplex whose price will start from $2,200 per square foot. Units will retail from $5 million and $14 million for the penthouse. In addition, Arthur acquired development rights from the owners of an adjacent building at 471 Washington with the objective of expanding the 5-story building to 10-stories.

Recently, The Real Deal reported Arthur Becker’s ownership of three adjacent townhouses on Sullivan Street, Soho in exchange for his Condominium development. According to Wikipedia, Robert’s Madison Equities and Maloney’s Property Markets Group developed the 30, 40 and 50 Sullivan Street homes. Becker refused to disclose the amount that he invested in the condominium development. He said that he did not make any additional investment to own the three townhouses. However, the data obtained from Real Capital Analytics indicated that he offered $15 million in preferred equity and an additional $5 million in mortgage for the project. Arthur has also invested in 111 West 57th Street. This information was originally mentioned on The Real Deal as outlined in this link

Arthur Becker is the managing member of a successful investment group, Madison Partners, LLC. This corporation focuses on real estate development and Biotechnology. Arthur served as the CEO of Navisite. Later, he rendered his services as the Chairman and CEO of Zinio, which is regarded as the largest newsstand in the world. Navisite provided internet technology services to various companies in the US and UK. The company had opened offices in the US, UK, and India. It provided cloud-based application management solutions and center hosting services to the enterprise market before it was sold to Time Warner in 2011. In addition, Arthur worked as a senior advisor for the Vera Wang Fashion Company for seven years.

April 3, 2017

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What Brian Bonar Can Teach You About Finances

Brian Bonar is a household name when discussions arise about finances in San Diego. Brian Bonar has been serving in the finanical marketplace for more than 30 years, and is now the CEO of Trucept, a payroll processing company.

Trucept provides services that businesses prefer to outsource including payroll, employee benefits programs, safety programs, and various other administrative duties that can bog companies down.

Bonar could foresee a great opportunity with Trucept because he knows how vital it is that a business be able to outsource tasks that allow them to focus on serving their clients instead of pushing pencils. When companies needed to trim the budget and focus on service, they look to companies like Trucept for a viable solution.

According to Bloomberg, the main affection of Brian Bonar is Dalrada Financial Corporation, which also offers similar services that companies search for when attempting to alleviate their busywork and focus more on serving their clients efficiently and quickly.

The ability to customize these services also led Bonar to success, because he knew that each company has its own unique set of challenges when it comes to sorting out benefits packages and compensation for employees at all levels.

Bonar has been highly regarded in the field of finance for many years, but in 2010, he was awarded the Finance Executive of the Year Award. This yielded him the title of Cambridge’s Who’s Who in Finance, giving him a stellar rating in the marketplace.

Employee programs are the core of what Bonar is passionate about, enabling him to secure the respect as an expert in his field.

Bonar received his undergraduate degree while in Glasgow, Scotland, attending the University of Strathclyde. He also earned his doctorate while in the UK, at the prestigious Stafford University. Bonar is so no stranger to continuous success having been promoted numerous times since his first round of employment in the U.S. Bonar works simultaneously as the CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation and as the CEO of Trucept. T

he demands that are placed on Bonar are numerous, and yet he continues to excel in both companies, and he has served on the board of numerous other corporations and groups.

April 1, 2017

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