Fabletics: Move Over Amazon!

Did you know that Amazon controls 20% of the electronic fashion market? You would have to be either crazy or have an incredible marketing program to try to compete with that colossus of sales, but Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is doing just that and seeing some success (growing into a $250 million business) in only three years.


Though there is a certain amount of mystery associated with all success, but Fabletics had Amazon in their cross-hairs long before they became a household name. They knew the competition would be fierce, but they planned a multi-part strategy that is paying off.


Fabletics launched with much fanfare in a subscription model. Offering remarkable, quality fitness outfits at an extreme discount to attract interest is their foundation. This initial offer is contingent upon accepting VIP membership with its monthly shipments balanced by easy, customer-friendly cancellation. This approach built a groundswell of interest, launching Fabletics with a ripple of interest in the fashion-forward fitness crowd.


However, the Fabletics story does not stop with this one marketing approach. In addition to the impressive carrot that has attracted so many customers, you need products to keep those customers. Fabletics offers a layered system of service and quality to maintain interest and customers.


For example, rather than just sending every customer the identical outfit each month, Fabletics custom-selects outfits based on selling history and registered preferences. When you register for VIP membership so you can receive the sensational initial bargain outfit, you also register your exercise habits, exercise clothing preferences such as shorts vs. capris, and style interests.


Fabletics combines this data with your purchasing patterns. Though the premise is that you receive a new outfit for approximately $50 each month, you are not required to accept that outfit or any outfit for a given month. By tracking what you keep and what your return, Fabletics can further tailor your outfits for greater success each month and fewer returns.


As for customer service beyond fashion optimization, Fabletics has designed a system to prevent customers from frustration. Many subscription-based services become discouraging over time. For example, if you belong to a book club and have a busy period when you can neither read nor return books, you feel trapped by the subscription.


Fabletics fights the subscription ennui by providing customers with a substantial refusal window each month to prevent an order from shipping at all with no charge to the member. Each shipment is sent on approval; the customer may select items from the shipment, keep the entire shipment or even return the entire shipment. Any customer who returns partial or complete shipments receives store credit or is charged a minimum fee for refund. VIP customers pay no shipping fee, which is genius. Many people refuse to purchase electronically because of the price of shipping.


Using this well-reasoned approach, Fabletics is making a real splash in the growing fashion athletics market. Offering fashion-forward, quality athletic ware sponsored by beautiful Kate Hudson, with responsive customer care is working for Fabletics.

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January 20, 2017

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Doe Deere Achieves Success by Living the Philosophies She Believes

Doe Deere decided to launch her own line of cosmetics to show people that makeup could be used as a form of self-expression rather than just a way to cover up imperfections. Ms. Deere has always demonstrated her own freedom of expression and believes that real beauty is found in whatever feels right for that moment. Her line of vividly colored cosmetics was launched online in 2008 and has gained in popularity ever since. Not only are the Lime Crime brand of lipsticks and eye shadows made in bright shades, but they are also made without any animal products or animal testing.


The company name of Lime Crime was actually the name Doe Deere registered for a line of clothing she intended to launch in 2004. She modeled all of the fashions she created so she wanted her makeup to reflect the ideals she had for her line. Ms. Deere has always gravitated toward unusual color combinations even when she first began sewing her own clothing. She soon found it was virtually impossible to find the type of vibrant makeup she wanted to use when modeling her fashions so she decided to start her own line of cosmetics.


Keeping the Brand Alive


Visitors to the Lime Crime website have the opportunity to see the mission statement of the company. The goal of this company is not just to change the idea of makeup, but to also change the way makeup makes a woman feel. Ms. Deere is always open to new ideas and inspirations. To make sure any new concept or product is in keeping with the goals of her company she always tries everything herself. She takes pride in offering a line of cosmetics that stands apart from the crowd in terms of quality and performance.


Doe Deere keeps her brand alive by constantly shaking up the world of cosmetics. When making decisions about products she paints a picture of her customer in her mind to make sure it feels right. Ms. Deere is a firm believer in going with her gut instinct and basic intuition. She also maintains a great rapport with all of the people who work behind the scenes. Ms. Deere treats her employees, vendors and board members with respect and kindness. She believes people respond better when they feel appreciated for what they do. Doe Deere openly shares her business philosophies with other women looking to make it in the business world.

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January 17, 2017

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How Don Ressler Climbed The Online Retail Ladder

The Turn Of The Century
The turn of the century was an important for the internet. The business models and ideas we take for granted today were in their infancy stages on Crunchbase and investors speculated about the potential of the internet. This was when Don Ressler came into the spotlight. Known today for the smashing success of JustFab and Fabletics, Ressler was already a surprising success. He was already capable of generating billions in revenue for the numerous startups he created during this time. Eventually Don Ressler met Adam Goldenberg, a like minded entrepreneur who was also interested in online retail. The DUO would come together in 2005 to give the world a new approach to fashion.

One Size For Everyone
The brainchild Ressler and Goldenberg ended up with was JustFab. Essentially, JustFab was a website centered around giving customers a personalized shopping experience on LinkedIn. Instead customers receive clothing meant specifically for them. The personalized selection options have proven successful in part due to the celebrity power of fellow cofounder Kimora Lee Simmons. Thanks to her, JustFab has generated millions and has one of the largest followings in online retail.

A Perfect Fit For Athletic Wear
Don Ressler understands when he has hit the jackpot and when to keep a winning formula. After seeing the success of JustFab he decided to create a new online retailer, Fabletics, with a fixation on athletic wear. Similar to JustFab customers would sign up and pay a subscription fee, but the clothes offered would match their specific lifestyle as well. If you are particularly active, for instance, you’ll receive clothing that suits your activity at http://ecommerce-news.internetretailer.com/nav/tags/donressler/0. Fabletics has proven so successful it has managed to do something unprecedented among online retails. There are now Fabletics brick and mortar stores where customers can buy athletic clothing in person.

Branching Out Of The Internet
Although online retail is where Ressler has seen his greatest success, he has branched out into other domains. He has a stake in the cosmetics market with the anti-aging cream Hydroderm. Currently, he is looking for ways to expand the brands he has already built into the real world on TechStyle.com. With the success of the 6 brick and mortar stores Fabletics has already he sees a bright future for an additional 50-100 physical locations for the brand. If things go as planned, Ressler may find his name associated with retail franchise chains over his currently online businesses.

January 6, 2017

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Unicorns in the Future: All You Have to Do is Believe


In 2009, the Unicorn became somewhat of a brand mascot for newly emerged Lime Crime Inc. when founder and CEO Doe Deere launched her line of Unicorn Lipsticks. No other animal expresses the essence of the brand, its values, or its patrons like the unicorn.

The company has seemingly stepped out of a fantasy fiction novel, to become a lucrative waking daydream. With an exclusively digitally-based sales model, the green business is endorsed by PETA, Leaping Bunny, and teens and young adults alike, not only for its planet friendliness, but for the cruelty free products it manufactures.

The company is progressive in other ways as well.

“I make makeup for girls and boys like me, who express themselves unapologetically. Lime Crime is freedom to be you!” Deere pledges upfront on her landing page of ILoveLimeCrime.com. Search results reveal its prevalent tag line: “makeup for unicorns.”

Like Deere, and like the unicorn, the brand represents the unique and fosters individuality.

The site features color splashes and doodles resembling a high schooler’s scrapbook, and the cosmetics available for purchase include dramatic colors and advanced applications such as liquid lipstick. As a package, the web design relays a message of expression where the colors aren’t about the colors themselves, but the mood they represent, as evidenced via mystique-inspiring nomenclature in shade varieties such as Bloodmoon, Fetish, and Wicked.

The company website isn’t her only on-line presence. Deere engages her customers on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook where the posts include topics ranging from new launches and money-saving promotions to pictures of her cat lying cutely in the bathroom sink.

Targeting mid-teens to mid-twenties consumers, it’s no wonder Doe’s endeavour is an instant and ongoing success with the line’s blend of fun, swank, tolerance, and social responsibility, themes that encapsulate Generation Z’s expectation of tomorrow’s American freedom.

#DIAMONDCRUSHERS ✨💎🔨 Your dreams of being a fairy on acid are about to come true…

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The trademark’s individuality fosters creativity in its fan base, with the wearers’ creativity, in turn creating more freedom for their individuality. Like the unicorns on the packaging, these futuristic cosmetics will remain a reality as long as there are those who believe.  Check out what the fan base is doing right now on Lime Crime’s Pinterest board.

January 5, 2017

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Deere on Success in the Make Up Industry

Doe Deere is the founder and create of Lime Crime cosmetics. An innovative, cutting edge company that seeks to prove make up is more than just covering up, it is about self expression. Deere breaks the rules and is more about what feels right for the individual rather than the natural look. In 2008, she launched her own line of cruelty-free cosmetics.


Since then, her cosmetics have become an international sensation with their bold pigments and rich hues. Deere loves to create cosmetics that are so colorful that they break rules of fashion. Deere supports women who own businesses and are entrepreneurs. She is called on to speak at conferences like PHAMExpo.


In 2004, she created an Ebay store called Lime Crime. The original store started as a DIY fashion line. She began to create her own make up because it was hard to come by make up to compliment her unusual looks. Lime Crime, the make up company, officially started in 2008.


Deere takes her female entrepreneur role seriously. Her days starts with a quick meeting with the Creative Director, so they can review projects and develop strategies. She continues her meetings with all the leadership and checks in with each other to see what the current business is. She is an on the go boss, responding to emails through her IPhone.


Ideas do not come as easily to Deere. She waits for her inspiration to come. This inspiration could take months to come. Once it comes, she acts quickly. Her make up is an inspired look that has caused her to have loyal fans. Her loyal fans are called Unicorns, a magical being known for being colorful and inspired.


One trend in business is the move away physical stores to e-commerce, online stores. Her brand started as an online brand. She feels her best trait as a business owner is to know her brand of make up and what her customer wants. She feels that the only change she would make is to have a customer department sooner. Also, she feels having respect for her employees and other business associates.

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There Is A Difference In Between A Mild Weather Vs Cold Weather Game

It is the time of year when the temperatures all throughout the country begin to drop and drop dramatically in some cases. This means that NFL odds are going to change a lot as well. The football odds that one can find during the cold weather games are literally impacted by the way in which the players respond to that weather.

Covers.com has a great piece about how the cold weather games ought to be bet differently than other games. They detail how NFL odds are different when the weather outside is cold. In recent years it seems as though the home teams have had a large advantage at beating the spread when the temperature outside is 19 degrees or lower. That is an advantage that one may want to take advantage of or at least note. There are not many of these games each year, but they may be the games that one wants to put their faith in the home team for.

Cold weather games are another prime opportunity to bet the under on the over/under bet according to Covers.com. It is pretty obviously that fewer points are likely to be scored when the weather outside is very cold. This is because the players are just not up to the level of play that they would normally be at. However, with this one you will need to act quickly. The professional betters are usually quite quick to jump on these games and drop the lines of the games to a much lower level than what they would have started at.

Some people already have their minds on Super Bowl odds. The Super Bowl is always played in February so it is something that could potentially be a cold weather game. However, the NFL has gotten ahead of this and understood that it could be a problem a long time ago. As such, the NFL has done what they can to schedule the Super Bowl for either an indoor stadium or in a warm weather location.

The Super Bowl odds are far less likely to be impacted by the weather than they are by the sheer volume of people who bet on the game. There is so much interest in the Super Bowl odds and the game itself that everyone throws their money on the game. As such, the line is usually fairly well set. Just don’t expect the weather to determine much about how to bet on this game.

January 4, 2017

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